May 23, 2007

Racing Season Is Here!!! * Summer's Take*

Hey everyone, it's finally my turn to tell you all about my training:) Boy can that brother of mine talk!!!

As Princey told you it's almost time for our club's big race of the year. We can't wait to see all our friends from out of town, we don't get to see them too often. I'm a bit disappointed that I'm not going to run with my boy, I think my Mom doesn't trust me. I hope she understands why I am a bit 'disruptive' (that's what she calls it anyway). I think going out for a run is all about having fun. I like trying to play with Prince when we're running, I chew on his leg to try & get him in a playful mood...doesn't normally work though cause he's pretty serious about his running. I like to say hello to the other dogs & with some of the girls I have a bit of a yap in their face or growl a bit. I like them to think I'm the boss cause I'm actually far from it.

I think Mom knows I'm not very confident, I've had lots of families you see. Mom tells me we are her 'forever family', she told me what that means & I'm real happy about it:) Every now & then I get a bit scared though & feel like I have to get the first word with the other dogs cause if they growl at me or look at me funny I just want to hide.

Anyroo, this is supposed to be about my training so here goes. Mom told me the other day that I would be running with my friends Ara & Laska in an a 3 girl freight team, woo hoo - girl power! We went our for our first run together last night, it was great cause we didn't have any strong boys that made us go too fast. Let me tell you about the other members of my team. Ara is 12 years old, coming 13 this year. She is amazing, she still races & has heaps of energy. She doesn't run all that fast but she can still run the distance...I sure hope I'm as fit as she is when I'm 12! Laska is 3, coming 4 & she has no eyes. You heard me right she runs in a team when she can't see anything! She is truly an amazing girl, so strong & confident, I really admire her (don't tell her I said that though).

Last night Ara started off in lead & me & Laska were at wheel. Ara hasn't run by herself for ages & she wasn't too sure about running in the forest without someone beside her so I got moved up into lead beside her. We ran really well together, think Laska was getting a bit peeved though as we weren't going as fast as we should have been going (I can't believe we weren't running fast enough for a blind dog!). We got told we'd do okay if we went the speed we were going last night with the freight on the rig (we ran without it last night). The bipeds expect us to pull a rig, musher & 68kg of extra weight - I'm just glad the biped that's running us in the race is pretty fit, I'm hoping he'll do quite a bit of the work so it's not too hard on us girls:)

The worst thing about last night was not being able to run with Mom & my boy Prince. I get real anxious when I can't see them, I won't even walk for anyone else (except maybe our friend that's taking us in the race) if Mom & Prince aren't coming too. I just sit down & refuse to move. Mom says I'm a 'clingy' girl. I know she understands me though, I'm really not being a bad girl, I'm just scared I'm gonna have to go live with other people like I have in the past.

Have to go now as Prince just went running past me & wants me to have what Mom calls 'greyhound races' around the house.

Talk to you again soon,




The Daily Echo said...

Hi Summer - Those races sound like great fun. We race through the house and tip the kitchen chairs over but that's about it. Sometimes Shyla and I race around the living room chair which always makes Mom laugh. We like hearing about your team, and you're very pretty.

MaPaw said...

That sounds like such fun although I do not think I would be quick enough to run with you.

Team Husky said...

ECHO - we have fun racing round the house sometimes too but it's always great to get out in the forest & stretch your legs:) Thank woo for saying I'm pretty - I think you're very handsome.

MAGNUM - You would be able to keep up with me but probably not with my brother Prince. Everyone seems to be reading my blog & not his one...he's a little bit annoyed:)

Turbo the Sibe said...

There's 6 of us at our house, but my Human doesn't hook us all up for adventures!

Kapp pack said...

That sounds like great fun. In the winter my mom and dad hook me up to the little biped's sled and let me pull it. That's a lot of fun. Our foster dog Maximus even got to give it a try!


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