October 08, 2007

Summer & Prince - Interviewed by Zim of the AO4!!!

Hi everypuppy it's me - Summer!
Haroo everypupper it's me Prince!

We were so excited to be interviewed by one of our favorite Siberians - Zim! of the AO4. It was sooooo cool!

Let's get started!I'll put Zim's words in bold italics so you can follow along!

Are you ready to get started? Here are the questions!

1. Are either of you secretly hoping your mom will bring one of those tiny puppies home to be part of your family?

Summer - Kind of, I don't really like puppies but it would be really cool to have a little brother or sister to boss around. I am older than Prince but he was with our Mom before me and is the boss out of him and me. He lets me annoy him, boss him and chase him round and stuff but when it comes down to it he's the boss.

Prince - I'm quite happy with just me, Sum and Mom but it would be kinda nice to have a fast dog to run with. Summer is too slow for me and Mom has to have the brakes on lots to slow me down so I don't get to stretch my handsome siberian body out much when I run with her. I have lots of other friends that I run with though so it's not too much of a problem.....I like stretching out on the bed and if there was another of us it just wouldn't be the same:)

2. Your mama is SO supportive of the MaPaw Sibe rescue group in PA! (She's SO cool!) Since you're in New Zealand, how did she "discover" the group?

Summer and Prince - Our Mom blushed when she read that you had called her cool.....we think she's pretty cool too. Mom was just surfing the web for Sibe info and found the MaPaw website. She emailed MaPaw and told Ma that she thought they were all awesome for the fantastic work they do to help our brothers and sisters and that she loved the website. Ma replied and it all started from there. Mom recalls getting an email from Bernie asking her if she wanted to join the MaPaw forum...Mom was really excited and joined and well....the rest is history!!! She's been hooked ever since and just wishes she lived closer to MaPaw so she could help out.

3. How often do either of you get to run in harness?

Summer and Prince - When the weather is cold enough we go out for runs three times a week, pulling a scooter or rig. Sometimes we pull Mom on her bike - this is called bikejoring. We even tried pulling our friend on a boogy board int eh shallow surf at the beach a couple of times a few months ago - we called it canisurfing! We go out normally on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Sunday morning. When the weather is warmer, like now:(, we go for walks and jogs.

4. How do you train up for that?

Prince - We go for runs and walks all year round to keep us reasonably fit. When the weather starts cooling down we start off doing short runs on scooters and rigs and slowly build up the distance so we are ready for when racing season begins in June. Our winter is at a different time to yours, you probably have warm weather in June. Once our fitness levels are good we just keep up with the running.

Summer - Princey also gets fed more premium food during the cooler months when he is running as he gets super fit and loses a few kilos. He normally gets a cup of maintenance and a cup of premium but when it's racing season he gets a cup and a half of premium and a cup of maintenance. Poor me just gets the same all year round......just under a cup of maintenance. Mom doesn't give me anymore as she says I'm too 'chubby' as it is. She calls me her Sibrador as she's sure I'm half lab:)
5. Would you share the stories of how you found your fur-ever home?

Prince - Well Mom told me once a long long time ago how she found me. She was thinking about getting a companion of her own and had spoken to a lady about an adult Sibe that needed a new home as his owners were moving to a place called England. She found out who bred him and rung the breeder to ask a few questions and the lady mentioned that she had two puppies at her place that she had brought over from Perth, Australia and that it was a pity she hadn't of known as she could have brought another over for Mom. Mom was heading up her way and arranged to call in and meet her and have a look at the two puppies she had, asked her if she would consider selling one of them. She said she shouldn't really keep both of them but she had had their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on and felt quite attached to them. She said to come up and meet them and she would have a think about it. Mom saw me for the first time when I was five months old - it was a Friday at the beginning of April 2005, she thought my sister (Peace) and I were real cute. I really liked the lady that was soon to be my Mom and the lady that brought us over from Australia liked her too so on Sunday I went on a big adventure to my furever home:) There was an older sister there for me - Tara the golden labrador - she passed away around Christmas time. Summer arrived later that year in November but I'll let you tell her how Mom found her.

Summer - My Mom first saw me for sale on a website. She thought I looked so bewootiful that she emailed the lady and asked her about me. She wanted to get someone for her Prince to play with:) They were moving to China and couldn't take me with them. They sent lots of emails over the next few weeks and spoke on the phone a few times. About a month later Mom drove a long long way to meet me and fell in love with me straight away and I her. She stayed at my house with my old Mom and her little biped and brought me back to my furever home the very next day to meet Prince and Tara, my new little brother and big sister. I had a bit of a muddled start to life, I, like Princey, was born in Australia. My second home was with people that brought me to New Zealand to breed and show. I had four cute little puppies when I was very young and they decided to keep one of my boys. They sold me to my third home when the other puppies were sold. My third home was where I was when my furever Mom found me and I'm so glad she did:)

Thanks for the interview, Zim! We so enjoyed telling you more about us and we feel so honored!

So now.......... I am offering to interview some of you! Here are the rules if you want me to interview you:

1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave me a comment saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Who's game to be interviewed by us????

Kisses & Woo Woos
Summer & Prince

P.S. Here's a photo of us with our cousin Madison and her friend Kaela last time we had a sleepover and us and our friends Sirius and Balto last time they came to visit:)

Summer, Prince, Kaela and Madison

Sirius, Balto, Summer and Prince


Kapp pack said...

Great answers! Thanks for helping MaPaw! We call our husky lab mix a huskador....but we think a sibrador sounds really good too!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Maddox said...

Hi Prince and Summer, I'm Maddox and I live in Texas with my new friend Shelby. We have alot of mutual friends and I think you are both SO BEAUTIFUL! Will I ever get that fluffy? I am only almost five months old and my mom says I am a Texas dog and it is okay not to get too fluffy because that just means more fur. Well, yeah, duh. Silly Mom.

Can we be friends??????

Maddox (and Shelby but she's with her boy upstairs)

Bama said...

Grrreat answers, woo two! Mom & dad aren't sure what I am so they call me a huskiraffe cause of my LONNNNG legs. howrooroo. We wanted to add a link to woo on our page so we don't forget to stop by and see y'all now & then, if that's okay with you, of course. You can also link to us if you want to...
Bama & the RHP

The Army of Four said...

Summer & Prince! You really gave me an outstanding interview! All great answers - and I learned so much about you both! We love being part of the greater MaPaw family like you! :)
Summer, Storm and I get one cup of maintenance per day, too; Dave and Am are taller, so they get more. I might start getting a little more, too - I'm having a bit of a weight loss issue.
Thanks for the GREAT interview!
Play bows,

The Army of Four said...

Hi Summer & Prince! It's me - Stormy! Zim said you need a little computer help?
Here's how you add a picture to your profile! First, have a photo you want to use somewhere on the web already - like the picture of you two and your mom! Sign in to Blogger. On the right hand side, it should read "Team Husky" there? Right under that, is a choice to "edit profile". Click there! Scroll down a wee bit and you'll see a heading for "photograph", then "photo URL". Enter the URL for the photo you want to use - then make sure to save the changes!
If you have any more questions, please let me know!
Tail wags,

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh, awesome answers to handsome Zim's questions. I enjoyed learning more about you two!!!

cyber-sibes said...

G'Day, mates! Jack has an Austrailian connection - his breeder is from Australia! She used to breed Siberians there, but then she fell in love with a U.S.A. sibe breeder she met on the show circut & they got married. Now their family is a dozen or so sibes and a few horses.
I must say, you are both truly stunning! And it's very cool you get to pull things around with humans on them. We enjoyed your interview - stop by our blog & read our "Zim-terview" too.

Wooos and a-Roos,
Star & Jack

Team Husky said...

Hi everyone

We had so much fun answering Zim's questions - thanks Zim man...we thin you're great:) It is fun to learn new things about all of our friends.

Thanks for signing our guestbook Kelsey Ann:) We'd love to be friends with you Maddox & we've added you to our favourite blog list on our blog. I've added you too Bama, thanks for reading our blog:) Sitka & Tia - thanks for stopping by. Star & Jack...our Mom is just about to check out your blog....you guys sound really cool.

If you didn't sign our guestbook please do. We want to get al of our visitors in there so we can look you all up on the map of the big round world:)

Zim - How can I copy the url for our photo of us with Mom? The only website it's on is our blog. Please help us!!

Team Husky

Team Husky said...

Hey Zim

Don't worry about the profile photo...Mom finally figured it out:)

Woo woos

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, you guys have such interesting stories! I am so glad you shared them. We like to pull our parents on their bikes, but I never knew it was called "bikejoring"! Thanks for telling me that.


Bama said...

We've added you also, now we can stop by to say Woo regularly!
Bama & the RHP

The Army of Four said...

Prince! Your profile picture looks GREAT! Or did the bee-roo-tiful Summer put that up!!??!! Great job!
Play bows,

cyber-sibes said...

Wellll woooos & a-roooos, team husky! we went back trhru your posts & read your interview with Zim. He interviewed us too!
Guess what? Our very own RB Sherman and Jack were both bred by an Australian woman! Yup, she had a show kennel there, and eventurally met a nice sibe-lovin' guy in the U.S....yatta yatta yatta, now they raise siberians together! And.....Jack's great-grandmother "Glory" was born in Australia. I guess Jack & you guys could be distant cousins or something.

Isn't it a small world?
Wooos and a-roos,
Star and the Jack a-Roo

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