April 03, 2009


Hi everypuppy, I'm here to tell woo about my big day yesterday!

At 8:20am Mom told me, Prince and Suki to go to our house (our special doggy house) and gave us all a treat (Mom always does this when she's putting us in our house to go away somewhere). I always finish my treat first and as soon as I had eaten it Mom opened up the door and said 'come on Sum'.

I ran out the door and back into the house, jumping round and woo woo wooing. I was going fur walkies with Mom.....just the two of us!!! She put my collar on and grabbed a lead. Mom opened the door and unlocked the truck ~ not only was I going walkies, I was going walkies somewhere exciting! I ran out as fast as I could, found a good spot to have a boy pee (Princey taught me how to cock my leg like a boy) and lept into the back of the truck. I let Mom know how excited I was by whining a little on the way to where we were going.

When we got there and Mom turned off the truck I looked out and thought the place looked a bit familiar. We got out and I bounced over to the door. As soon as we got inside I realised Mom had tricked me ~ we were at the VET! I had to go into a room with a scary man with a BIG needle! They put me up on the table, made me lie down and Mom held my legs and butt still while a lady held my head still. The man felt all round the front of my hairy little neck and then stuck the big needle in! It did hurt lots and I tried to wriggle away from him but Mom and the lady were holding me too good. The man gave me a treat which of course made me feel a bit better. I hurried out the door and Mom put me back in the truck and we went home.

At 1pm Mom put us all in our house and asked me to come out on my own AGAIN! Prince and Suki looked pretty upset being left behind for the second time in one day. We went in the house and I got my collar on and Mom grabbed the lead. This time she hooked my lead up before she opened the door.....we really were going fur walkies this time! We walked round a couple of corners and went down our friends, the Berg's, driveway. I saw Miss Laska by the gate:)

We went inside and Mom took me into one of the rooms ~ I couldn't believe what I saw......there were five little faces staring back at me!!! Where did they come from? Then Miss Laska came in through the window and down a ramp to where the little puppies were. Were they Laska's puppies? Some of them looked like my Princey......I started thinking and remembered being home late one night when Laska and Princey were.....um, I have to sensor this fur woo young puppies out there, getting friendly with each other. I thought back to the one time I was allowed to get friendly with a boy and what happened after that......I had four little puppers! I think my little brother might be a Daddy!!! I said hello to the puppers and quickly went outside with Laska, puppies are such annoying things woo know! The ramp that goes out the window is really cool, I'll have to talk to Mom about getting us one of those.....much more fun than our doggy door!

Before I knew it Mom was putting me in our friend Haakon's truck! Then Joan and Mom started gathering the puppies and putting them in there too.....but not Miss Laska ~ right about now I started thinking something strange was happening.

Here's a photo of the little puppies going for a ride in a truck for the very first time.......please note ~ Mom never took any photos of me:(

Qannik and Kodiak

Meisha, Zeus and Aneshia
We drove for a little bit and then the truck stopped. After a few minutes in the back of the truck my door opened and Mom got me out. I couldn't believe it ~ we were at the VET again!!! We went in and the same thing happened to me all over again with the big needle! The lady tried to give me a treat but I just wanted outta there! I took off out the door as quick as I could and Mom put me back in the truck and gave me the treat. Next thing I heard the other doors opening and I could see the little puppies getting taken out. I'm not sure what happened after that, they were gone for a while and then came back and then our friend Richard appeared and gave us all a pat.....
Richard with Meisha & Aneshia
How did he know where to find us?
After that we went back to Joan's house and I went outside for a while. The puppies were real tired, they went outside then came inside, down the ramp and fell asleep half way down.....
Five sleepy puppies!
Here's a close up of Qannik and Kodiak
Outside Cyntara was caught red pawed.....or should I say brown nosed.....
Then Mom and me walked home and I showed off in front of Suki and Prince.....told Suki off and made sure she knows Prince is MY boy!!!
That was my day.......I hope I don't have to go back to the VET for a fury fury long time and I hope none of them cute but annoying puppies are coming to live at our house!!!


The Thundering Herd said...

Very cute puppies. And, of course, we follow Qannik and Kodiak closely.

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Cute pups but why did they stick you with the needle twice???

Princess Eva

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

OH yes!

What Princess Eva asked: why twice?

That is just wrong!

They are some khute khute puppers!


Anonymous said...

ooooooo i gotstaa see them before they go to new homes!!!!

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

That was a mean trick, taking you to the vet twice! Woo, I would not of been happy about that!
Nice seeing those puppies again, just wait til you get to train another little one, what fun!
--Kira the BeaWootiful and Scampi too!

Cyber-sibes said...

Wow, poor woo, summer. Two trips to the vets (and needle sticks) in ONE day?!? We hope woo get plenty of extra attention & treats to make up for it! And those puppies are super adorable - soooooo cute!!! I think they'd be fun to play with!

Woos & a-roos,
& Jack a-roo too

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I think you're in for a surprise in a while.

Sorry about the vet, but at least you got some one-on-one time with your mom!


The OP Pack said...

Two trips to the vet in one day AND two needle pokes - so not fair!!!! but oh those puppies - we want all of them and we want them NOW! So cute.

Tail wags, the OP Pack